Old Dog, New Tricks

Now that I finally am attempting to start a blog, the new tricks this old dog has to learn (it is NOT intuitive for me!) has left me overwhelmed with nothing to say.  For now.  Not that what I have to say is knock-your-socks-off amazing or fresh, and I’m pretty sure the only people who might be reading this are related to me.  Sometimes I read what others in the MTBoS have written, and I shout, “Yeah!  THAT!” becasue I they say some things I’ve been thinking, only way, way better.  Or I read other thoughtful posts and I think, “Wow.”

This whole blogging experience is new to me, even just reading blogs, mainly because I never knew that there was such a wealth of innovative, intelligent, insightful, and incredibly inspirational group of fellow educators out there.  (That’s i to the power of 5, BTW.)  But now that I have some time to indulge, I’m loving it.  I discovered that I really want crave a learning community filled with like-minded professionals.  I realized that I need to/want to organize and refine my reflections.  I’m jumping in, ready or not.  It’s pretty exciting.  So bear with me as I slooooowly figure this out.



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