Thank Goodness

As a brand new member of the Global Math Department (you folks are AWESOME!), I recently received my first newsletter. One link led to another, and I eventually found myself reading Richard Skemp’s article here on Relational Understanding and Instrumental Understanding.  If you have not had the pleasure yet, go! Now!

What initially jumped out at me and slapped me in the face was the date it was published: 1976! Apparently his concerns for the isolating nature of teaching and the lack of conversation around reform was not unfounded, since seriously, not enough has changed in the last 40 years.  Too bad he is not around to see what is happening now, how teachers are connecting in amazing ways through blogs and tweets and MTBoS and GMD and heaven knows what else. Dan Meyer recently marveled at what is taking place.

Is it possible that technology, which has so radically altered the way we live and work, will be the catalyst to radically alter education? I hope so.


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