Well, why not?

Call me crazy, but I recently started a second blog.    Edtransform.wordpress.com is a collaborative blog with other teachers I know whom I badgered politely asked if they would like to discuss transforming education (my new hobby) with me.  The idea is that instead of sending a bunch of emails around in an attempt to talk about issues, we could discuss via a group blog site, with multiple people contributing.  I have no idea if or how it will work, or even if this format will prove to be brilliant or cumbersome.  Maybe both.  

I think what’s going to happen is I will write a post and then have to decide which blog it’s for.  My solution, for now, is to double post.   Or maybe post on one, and link it to the other…?  Not everything, just whenever I can’t decide.  This site may start to be more math-oriented, and the other general-education oriented.  Time will tell.

Totally making shit up here.  As usual.


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