Casually Retired, Year 1

As the beginning of The Second Year of Me Not Teaching draws closer, I find myself pondering my situation. My decision to “retire” at the end of the 14-15 school year remains completely right and wise, and I am so grateful on virtually a daily basis to be able to “be there” for and with my family. It’s pretty damn wonderful.

What surprises me however is how much I continue think about teaching and learning, about schools and education. That I am still quite invested in growing professionally in spite of the fact that I do not currently have a job, have a classroom, have students, have colleagues. That I get excited when I read insightful blogs or arrive at a personal aha moment, yet am frustrated because the conversations I crave remain elusive. I feel more informed, better equipped, a tad wiser, and inspired. In my imagination, I am able to move assertively and confidently toward becoming the teacher I really want to be.  I still want to Be the Change, to make a difference.

Just not full time. And not yet.

In the meantime, I’ll keep reading and learning and doing this irregular blogging thing. Periodically I wonder why I bother, feel like I will remain invisible/insignificant forever, but then remind myself that for now it’s enough to be interested (even if uninteresting). Whatever I’ve gained from my time reflecting this past year seems to have become the foot wedged in the teaching-learning door, keeping it decidedly ajar.

So I’ll continue to post what I find interesting, inspirational, and insightful. Someday someone somewhere may be glad I did. For now, I am glad that I can.

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