Want = Need?

Got some serious self-reflecting going on today about my so-called professional life.

Resulting in an important (to me, for me) insight…

What I WANT (professionally) is to BELONG.

I’m really not sure how to make that happen, what would be a good fit, what would make a difference.  Things I’ve been trying out (like this blog) seems to fall flat. Its difficult to imagine something else when you don’t know what else is possible.  Or maybe I’m looking for probable, because that sounds less risky?  Or maybe I have some belief systems that are getting in the way.

…and a Haiku:


                           Do others see me

                          as not legit because I

                          quit?  Do I?  Well, shit. 





2 thoughts on “Want = Need?

  1. Argh, Pat, this is tough. I have a colleague I really respect who picked up a professional book I love this summer, and all of a sudden she is “on my side” in our department, and it feels amazing.

    Also, I love that this post includes a haiku (with rhymes! who woulda thunk?!?) and a gorgeous doodle.


    1. That’s awesome! It will be wonderful for you to be able to have intentional and productive conversations with her. Talking to yourself can only take you so far, or leads to overthinking everything. Teaching is waaaay too complex to attempt in isolation!


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